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Tuesday -Thursday 11-8

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Use A Higher Quality Of Meat For Our Sandwiches.

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Tuesday Cruise Night 2024 - 20th Season!

Announcement! Cruise night starts May 14th - October 15.

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JOE'S STEAK SHOP established in 1938 by Joseph Attinello, one of the oldest family-run businesses on Phillipsburg's South Main Street. It's one of  Town's greatest traditions now run by Joe Attinello and his daughter Jody representing three generations of continuous operation serving the community our famous cheesesteaks with our Award-Winning Sauce


We are a tourist destination in the Lehigh Valley offering visitors classic cars every Tuesday night on South Main Street. Check out the Car Show Gallery Here.

Joe's Steak Shop is located on South Main Street in the heart of Phillipsburg, NJ. We're a family-run business, serving our customers for over 86 years. Cheesesteaks are our specialty, topped with our signature Hot or Mild Sauce! It's served on a crisp roll with onions and your choice of cheese. We also have a variety of sandwiches and wraps, including burgers, pork roll, fish, and chicken. Don't forget the kids. Value meals are the cutest served in a classic car! (dine-in only, suspended during Covid)


So come and see what we are all about.

For someone so culinary deprived and doesn't know what a cheesesteak is - let us explain: take a crisp roll, slap in a heap of hot, delicious, thinly sliced beef with lots of onions, then blanket with cheese. It's an odoriferous jumble, impossible to eat without dropping massive amounts of sauce down your chin and shirt and onto your pants.


Many people like to eat their steaks outside, standing up, bent forward at the waist, so their shoes don't get caught in the crossfire. It's definitely a two-napkin meal. Enjoy!

  • Mid 1930’s
    Joseph Attinello worked as a cook at the Wardell Restaurant down by the Easton-Phillipsburg bridge.
  • 1938
    Joe opened Joe’s Steak Shop at 324 South Main Street. He sold cheesesteaks for $.15 a sandwich along with a mild or hot sauce he made himself.
  • 1940’s
    Joe bought the building at 320 South Main Street and moved the business there.
  • 1958
    Joe bought a tiny shack from a friend Ed Jiorle at a driving range in Straw Church Circle. Another friend who owned a gas station on South Main Street also owned a small construction company had helped Joe move the shack overnight to 289 South Main Street. This was the home of Joe’s in-laws, Mary and James Pacenti. The building was put on a concrete foundation that was dug out by Joe’s oldest son also named Joe, (nickname Butch) one day after football practice with the help of one of his teammates.
  • 1965
    Joe had the opportunity to move directly across the street and buy the property of 274 South Main Street, known as the City Service Gas Station.
  • 1978
    Joe retired leaving his son Joe (Butch) to continue running the business. Growing up in the family business was Joe’s son, “Little” Joe who worked alongside his father for many years.
  • 1995
    Joe was able to expand the business, opening a second location in Nazareth PA. Little Joe would go on to run this store.
  • 1997
    Joe’s (Butch) daughter Jody joined the family business and began working for her father.
  • 2004
    Cruise Night was introduced to the town of Phillipsburg. A few of Joe’s(Butch) friends asked him if he would consider hosting a classic car show. After much consideration, the car shows began. It started off with a few dozen cars and began to gr ow each week to what is now a few hundred cars every week. (weather permitting) The show runs May- October. It’s a wonderful family orientated place to come on a Tuesday night to enjoy classic cars, live entertainment, Joe’s Jackpot, and of course...great food!
  • 2020
    2020 brings us a new way of life. Covid-19 has affected each and every one of us. We have shut our dining room down in March and have yet to open it. We have been blessed with a parking lot big enough to host 8 tables outside to provide a safer environment for you to still dine out in the warmer months. With all of our loyal customers as well as our new ones, you have made it so our family business of over 80 years has been able to survive this global pandemic and continue to serve you. We can not express our gratitude enough. We will continue to do our very best to serve you, continue to make it a safe environment for you to pick up your food, and to give you the best product we can.
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